Predicting Gold’s Next Move – Descending Triangle Gives 8% Swing Target

By Christopher Diodato –

Since the start of September, gold has been floundering around in a well-defined trading range between about 1610-1750, not really deciding to trend in either direction since.  Since that time, however, the gold market has been consolidating into a price pattern that allows us to project intermediate-term targets.  The pattern I see is a descending triangle.

There are two targets on this chart.  The bull target would be activated once the price breaks above $168.50, corresponding to $1685 for the actual spot price of gold.  The bear target is activated once $161 is broken, and confirmed as a strong sell signal once $159.50 is broken.

Which direction do I see price breaking out?  Well, it’s looking bullish in the very short term.  First off, today’s price action represented a “bullish engulfing” candle pattern.  After these patterns occur, there is, at least, some follow through with a short term price rise.

Other momentum indicators show minor  divergences in price, which usually precede a price rise.  Still, that price rise might not be sufficient to trigger a breakout.  What I would like to see is an advance on high volume, such as the volumes seen in the August-September rally when gold rose over $250 in one month  Average daily volumes on both rallies and declines is current about half the Aug.-Sept. levels.  Once that buying interest comes back, it’s time to catch the gold bug again.

Happy trading!

~Chris Diodato

Christopher Diodato

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