About Mike Cichocki

It was October 2006 and like many, I was introduced to the markets thanks to penny stocks (CSHD most specifically). This was the first time in my life where I was actually able to watch people go from pennies to DOLLARS (and most right back to pennies). MAN what a rush watching the markets gave me back then! I watched CSHD like a hawk and even though I never traded it, I became obsessed with perceived value and 2 way auctions.

Fast forward…
I’ve taken thousands of trades, read dozens of books on the economy/trading and logged countless thousands of hours of screen time. I opened TradersBase.com back in February 2008 on a mission to share the knowledge I had acquired and to steer others away from the pitfalls & snake oils that are prevalent in the financial markets.

I have recently partnered with a superb Technical Analyst in Chris Diodato and together we intend to educate and arm you with fully actionable trade analysis. We don’t flip a coin or give generic stock picks here at TradersBase. All of our trades are carefully selected to provide you with proper risk & reward balance AND you will be given a suggested entry & exit plan when possible. This specific, actionable information is what separates us from the other blogs.

Lend us your ear and like magicians we will try to help you pull coins from behind it. ;)

About the Author

MC I specialize in Market Profile/Volume Profile and the 2 way auction though I'm far from a 1 trick pony. I have trained heavily in almost all aspects of Technical Analysis. TradersBase is my way of sharing my knowledge and experience with others in hopes of cutting down their training time and getting them on the road to profitability while minimizing bumps in the road. Note: Any advice or information I provide is to be taken at YOUR OWN RISK. I take FULL responsibility for my trades and my own risk capital and insist you take the same approach. There is no "invisible hand" in the markets and losing trades are to be expected. The market isn't out to get you, but it will devour you if you don't plan properly.