Analysis Services is brought to you free today with revenue from analysis services for other businesses.  With years experience behind both of us, and passage of the most difficult technical analysis certification program available today, we offer our expertise for your business enterprise.  We offer services to create value in your business such as educational videos, individual issue/market analysis videos, reports including trading strategies, and live classes.  If you need technical analysis, we are here to help!

To exchange ideas and for contracting rates, please contact us at All services are offered with the assumption that no conflict of interest will exist with our current clients by providing services for your business.


About the Author

Christopher Diodato I have been trading since my eighteenth birthday to pay for my college tuition. It was at first rocky, but now trading is my love, my work, and my passion. In addition to my experience in markets, I have passed all three exams to obtain the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) credential. I believe that I am the youngest to ever do so! I want to help out small investors to make some money on the side. There's a common notion out there that "big money" rules all. I disagree. With enough hard work and discipline, anyone can become the next Paul Tudor Jones!