Realized Profits & Losses 2012

Note: The below are actually links to the original blog post showing our thorough, strategic analysis.

IDTI – 12.0% gain

USO – 1.1% loss

NBIX – 5.4% loss

BVN – 2.6% loss

DIA – 9.6% gain

IWM – 3.6% gain

LIFE – 8.4% gain

CAB – 33.6% gain

EEM – 3.7% loss

XLB – 1% loss

QCOM – 2.6% loss

SPY – 3.3% loss

IWM – 3.1% loss

Net  P & L 2012: 44.6% Gain VS Dow Jones 15.8% gain

Keep your losers small and let your winners run! It’s age old advice for a reason. :)

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future results. We provide detailed information; what you do with that information and any risks you decide to take are your own responsibility. Your gains or losses are yours and yours alone. Please be sure you are in tune and in control of your risk capital.





About the Author

MC I specialize in Market Profile/Volume Profile and the 2 way auction though I'm far from a 1 trick pony. I have trained heavily in almost all aspects of Technical Analysis. TradersBase is my way of sharing my knowledge and experience with others in hopes of cutting down their training time and getting them on the road to profitability while minimizing bumps in the road. Note: Any advice or information I provide is to be taken at YOUR OWN RISK. I take FULL responsibility for my trades and my own risk capital and insist you take the same approach. There is no "invisible hand" in the markets and losing trades are to be expected. The market isn't out to get you, but it will devour you if you don't plan properly.